Brief Introduction of Liuhe Food Brand

At present, Liuhe Food brand has 9 processing factories, producing more than 700 kinds of deep-processed condiments, with an annual output of more than 60,000 tons. Nine condiment factories are mainly located in Shandong (Dezhou, Anqiu in Weifang, Junan in Linyi, Pingyi in Linyi, Linyi, Yishui in Linyi, Laiyang in Yantai), Liaoning (An'an Taian), Xiaoyi in Shanxi. At present, the deep-processing has perfect production lines and huge sales system. With broiler and duck industry chains as the leaders, to construct the safety production monitoring system, and accelerate the production and promotion of "green" poultry meat products. Each factory has passed "ISO22000 food safety certification" and "HACCP certification".

  • 9processing factories

    Production of more than 700
    kinds of deep-processed condiments

  • 60,000+tons

    Annual output

  • 9processing factories

    Deep-processing with a perfect
    production line and a huge sales system

  • Brand positioning: We are committed to be a food manufacturing brand and food service provider with poultry products as the leader, focusing on B-terminal.

    Product series: Liuhe Food currently involves the categories of string condiments, non-string condiments, enema, pastry, meatballs, sauce halogen, fried molding, steaming and baking.

    Sales area: At present, the products sell well all over the world, mainly in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Guangdong and other parts of the country. It is also involved in the circulation channel, western fast food, school, group meal and chain catering industry. In 2019, we plan to strengthen the development of supermarket and convenience store to expand the existing sales channels and let more consumers understand LiuHe food.

    In 2018

    Snowflake Chicken Fillet (2018) Gold Medal of Shandong Animal Husbandry Expo for High Quality Food Products.

    In 2017

    2017 Shandong International Meat Expo "Outstanding Contribution for Reward Society and Consumers"

    2017 Leading Brand of China Conditioning Food Industry in Asian Conditioning Food Conference

    Chicken and onion ring won Farm Cup-2017 National Quality Meat Product Award

    Orleans wings and lion's head won "2017 Brand Meat Products for Food Safety"

    In 2017, the "Liuhe Food" trademark was rated as a well-known trademark in China.

    In 2010

    Liuhe Food is the exclusive provider for Expo 2010 Shanghai.