Industry chain of a hunk of meat

lidian.pngFollowing the changes of consumers from "having meat to eat" to "eating quality-assured meat", we started the transformation of "base + terminal" 4 years ago with the courage of cutting off all means of retreat. With own industrial supporting advantages, the former "fodder king" was dedicated to the layout of the whole industry chain and each hunk of "quality-assured meat".

lidian.pngThrough the transformation, new good mode with remarkable achievements, integrated fowl unit, "Kinghey Slaughter House and Chilled Fresh Pork" Meihao Meat Product and Porridge Jiahe Cooked Food can directly face consumers' terminal experience. The strategic transformation with remarkable results has a rapid growth in all industrial systems. We build our own "New Hope" brand, pay attention to consumer demand, endorse food safety through our brand, channel and traceability system, and we will also enjoy the appreciation of the brand.

Feed back the society with food safety

lidian.pngIn accordance with the mission of "For the Profit of Farmers, For the Benefit of Customers", we always produce safe and high quality fodder and meat products. We are committed to building a green meat industry chain and becoming a high-end market leader. In 2017, the level of food safety of the company increased considerably compared with that in 2016: zero major food safety incident or negative media exposure to food quality and safety incident occurred to over 60 branches and subsidiaries in the food industry throughout the year. In 2017, branches and subsidiaries in the food industry totally accepted 244 times of official spot check from FDAs and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureaus at all provincial and prefecture levels, which were all qualified. In 2017, the total qualified rate of slaughtered products in the poultry industry and pig industry was 99.99%. In food safety management, the company attaches importance to front-end control, process optimization, standard system, training and assessment, scientific and technological innovation, informatization construction, and cooperation with international, government and industry associations. In 2017, the company actively participated in the revision of the national and industrial standards, the formulation of the Edible Animal Blood Products Conforming to National Food Safety Standards, and the approval of national standards Bacon and Cooked Cured Ham.

Food safety approval

lidian.pngThe First Domestic GFSI Board Member Private Enterprise, Top 20 for China Food Safety Management Innovation, and GFSI China Council Vice Chairman Unit participated in the approval of national standards Bacon and Cooked Cured Ham.