Feed Industry

The fodder industry is a key link in the process of agriculture marching towards industrialization and modernization. The development of fodder industry provides a basis for farmers to develop large-scale farming, which provides a guarantee for improving meat production efficiency and greatly enriching meat production.

  • 200

    Built over 200 modern fodder mills at home and abroad

  • 2600

    Annual feed production capacity is over 26 million tons

  • 10+

    The products cover more than ten kinds of chicken, duck, pig and so on.

  • lidian.pngThrough years' development, we have built over 200 modern fodder mills at home and abroad, with an annual fodder production capacity of more than 26 million tons, and the product varieties cover more than ten categories such as broilers, meat ducks, swines, laying hens and aquatic products.

    lidian.pngSince 2015, New Hope Liuhe technical team has started to research the original mobile fermentation platform, set up a special project team, establish a pilot test base and study such key technologies as strains and combinations, matching between fermentation beads and raw materials, raw material compatibility, fermentation process and fermentation conditions, with research scope covering main livestock and poultry categories like chicken, duck, pig, cattle, sheep and aquatic products. So far, the company has launched such biological environmental fodder products as "Postpartum Meal" and "Green Fodder" for pigs, and aquatic feed products like "Fish Fodder", took the lead in the new era of fodder industry with its perspective innovative thinking and advanced technology R&D capacity, and received high attention and wide acclaim from all walks of life.