Targeted Poverty Alleviation

On the basis of the "hematopoietic poverty alleviation" mode, the company actively responds to the call of the state to "implement targeted poverty alleviation and targeted anti-poverty, implement policies according to people and local conditions, and improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation"

lidian.pngtakes the lead in implementing the responsibility of helping, actively promotes the industrialization of targeted poverty alleviation projects, expands the scope of benefits, and promotes the efforts in poverty alleviation according to the objective situation of poverty areas, combined with the successful experience of own superior industry, relying on basic industries, taking modern livestock husbandry as the direction, and taking green environmental protection as the standard.

lidian.pngThrough three years of industrial poverty alleviation, 5,000 poor households with a card were lifted out of poverty through the 3+ N modes (government + enterprise + owner + multiple poor households) and the 4+ N modes (government + enterprise + bank + owner + multiple poor households).

In 2016

After more than 1 year of targeted poverty alleviation from 2016, the company has made outstanding achievements in helping 548 poor households with a card to lift themselves out of poverty.

In 2017

In 2017, it invested RMB12 million in industrial targeted poverty alleviation projects. The swine farming industry of the company has helped many poor households in the Sichuan Yilong County, Liangshan Prefecture, Tibet Nyingchi and Shandong Xiajin to overcome poverty.

The swine farming "1+1+1+N" mode

The swine farming "1+1+1+N" mode (government + enterprise + owner + multiple poor households) created by the company implements six unifications (uniform housing construction, piglet supply, fodder supply, veterinary drug supply, technical services and swine recycling), one joining (the owner joins housing, manpower and hydropower), two not-undertakings of owners (all current biological assets are paid up by the company without undertaking fund risk, and the company guarantees the return without

Sharing sessions

Besides, the company was invited to attend the poverty alleviation case sharing meeting, and won the Listed Companies Poverty Alleviation Innovation Case Award and Advanced Poverty Alleviation Enterprises in Sichuan Province.

Liangshan Mode

lidian.pngThe Liangshan Mode has joint forces from "government + leading enterprises + bank + pig cooperatives +N poor households", develops centering on the pig industry, cultivates the ability of poverty groups to work, master skills and sustain profits, promotes the revitalization of the local economy, and ultimately realizes the "hematopoietic" poverty alleviation.

lidian.pngAmong which, the government and banks provide funds and subsidized loans for poor households; leading enterprises provide piglet, fodder, technology, sales and other services, and undertake epidemic and market risks; and poor households share dividends and earn wages through labor.

New Farming Plan

lidian.pngIn November 2017, New Hope put forward a training plan for 100,000 new farmers, namely, training 100,000 new agricultural technicians and new professional farmers with knowledge and technology through the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and all sectors of society, to transfer talents for the strategy of rural revitalization.

lidian.pngIn modes of online training, offline classroom and practical training, the training targets at production and management type professional farmers, social service type professional farmers and professional skilled farmers, covering planting and farming, agricultural machinery operation, rural e-commerce, Internet new agricultural machinery and other aspects.