Environmental protection concept

lidian.pngWe attach great importance to the environmental protection input, build economy enterprise, advocate staff to carry out environmental public welfare activities, and promote the construction of circular economy, to boost the harmonious development of the local economy, society and environment. We have put forward the cultural concept of "Harmonious Nature" and the new concept of agricultural development of "prevention and conservation first, development and protection at the same time, to create a harmonious world-class agribusiness enterprise", established and implemented ISO14001 environmental management system and GAP management system, to comprehensively promote environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, and strive to eliminate and avoid any adverse factors that may be brought to the environment. In resolutely implementing the spirit and requirements of the state and relevant departments, we have formulated the Rules for the Implementation of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, to actively promote the implementation of energy-saving technology transformation projects in the enterprise, and use scientific and technological means to work well in fair use of resources and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Energy conservation and emission reduction

lidian.pngIn 2017, we actively propelled the technical transformation to promote resource conservation and resource reuse. We gave priority to the high efficiency and low pollution processes, products and equipment promoted by the state and industry. For the construction and expansion of branch companies (subsidiaries), we required the design department to devise facilities and equipment first from resource conservation, and the design and construction of new projects should take full account of the most possible resource conservation and utilization, to improve the ecological environment.

lidian.pngWe have been adhering to the due sense of social responsibility and playing an important role in the environmental management of livestock and poultry farming. Since the introduction of "New Environmental Protection Law" and "State Council Water Pollution Control Action Plan", we have been actively responding to the relevant policies of the state, regarding the treatment of feces as an important link, and adhering to the principle of harmlessness, reutilization and reduction of feces treatment. Through continuous improvement of production management mode, the company has reduced water consumption from the source, while actively exploring and promoting a new mode of combination of planting and farming feces treatment.

Pollution control measures

lidian.pngIn 2017, the company took preventive measures against air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution respectively. Among them, in view of air pollution, the company carried on the low nitriding combustion transformation to some enterprise boilers. After transformation, the oxynitride content in flue gas decreased from 120mg/L to below 30mg/L. The production workshop is equipped with flue gas purification treatment equipment to ensure qualified emission. In view of water pollution, on the basis of the existing drainage and rainwater pipes, enterprises should build new wastewater treatment stations, increase or rebuild wastewater and rainwater pipes, so that wastewater can be treated by wastewater treatment stations into the municipal wastewater pipe network, and rainwater enters into the urban rainwater pipe network. In view of noise pollution, enterprises should install mufflers at the fan outlets of equipment to reduce noise, and install mufflers on superfine grinders to reduce noise.