Food industry

lidian.pngNew Hope Liuhe has two sectors of poultry meat and pork for production of products such as frozen, chilled and meat products. Annual sales of meat products are 2.34 million tons. The company has the world's leading poultry processing capacity, processing 800 million meat and poultry annually.

lidian.pngThe company lays out food terminals, forms a rich product system of fresh products, food packaging and conditioning products, innovates and develops new products such as prefabricated food, develops new catering systems such as central kitchen, and provides consumers with a safe, healthy, delicious and convenient dietary lifestyle.

  • After waking up in the morning, Good Sausage provides you with the power of a day.

  • During the busy noon, Porridge Jiahe brings you a convenient and nutritious lunch.

  • In the warm evening, Kinghey brings delicious baptism to your taste buds.

  • At the weekend, Liuhe makes it easy for you to prepare a big meal.

  • During the exhausting journey, Meihao Hot Pot makes you enjoy the feast.

  • In a good childhood, Besun Dried Meat Floss is the best gift for children.

  • In happy times, Liuhe Poultry Meat provides good nutrition for your family.

  • Each happiness, New Hope Liuhe customizes for you and your family.