Support Education

Education is the sun and hope for the future. We take cultural and educational undertakings as the key public welfare area, and are committed to training more talents for the animal husbandry industry. We set up scholarships and teaching bonus in 14 agricultural colleges and universities every year. We have been paying bonuses regularly for more than a decade.

Protect Children

In June 2016, Liu Chang, the chairman of New Hope Liuhe, announced at the launching ceremony of the "National Food Safety Guard Action for Children" that New Hope Liuhe has reached a five-year strategic cooperation plan with China Children and Teenager's Fund and has established the "New Hope Liuhe Food Safety Education Fund for Children". The two sides will work together to launch a large-scale public welfare project, the National Food Safety Guard Action for Children, to promote the popularization of children's food safety knowledge nationwide, and to advocate for more enterprises to care for the health and growth of children.

Help the Poor

The company has successively invested and built more than 70 factories in Yimeng Mountain Area and some underdeveloped areas in Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang and so on, which has promoted the development of local rural economy. Accurate poverty alleviation projects are carried out in a variety of ways with the support and collaboration of local governments and functional departments. The company launches "Hope and Wish" every year, and has visited Heishui County and Bazhong County to pay attention to poor rural families and left-behind children, donate clothes and help build school for them.

"The Use of Rebirth" in Feeding Nature

The prosperity of human society comes from the gift of nature. Only by not taking too much from nature, feeding nature back and giving back to nature, can we promote the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature and promote the sustainable development of our society. 

New Hope Liuhe has launched "The Use of Rebirth" in Feeding Nature and is committed to transforming the cultivation wastes and pollutants into available resources such as organic fertilizer by the combination of planting and breeding mode so as to realize the regeneration and reuse of resources. In addition, New Hope Liuhe has planted appropriate plants according to local conditions, and promoted soil improvement by returning the fields with organic fertilizers to allow nature to return to its original state.