Pig Industry

Adhering to the philosophy of high input, high efficiency, high return and low cost, New Hope Liuhe has introduced process design of industrialized pig feeding featured with all-in-all-out, standardized production and annual balance feeding, which initiates the production mode of settlement, and PSY farming management level is industry-leading.

Settlement mode of pig feeding

lidian.pngThe settlement mode of pig feeding is a new farming mode launched by New Hope Liuhe by integrating swine industry chain resources after years' exploration and practice. This mode realizes multiple gather in production units such as boar breeding ground and commodity fattening farm, talents for production management, veterinarian, nutrition and breeding, and industry chain resources in pig breeding farm, fattening farm, fodder factory and slaughter house. Through three levels of gathering, the efficiency of matching industrial resources can be maximized.

Core technology

lidian.pngAutomation: automatic feeding system, automatic drinking water system, automatic nightsoil system.

lidian.pngIntellectualization: curtain, fan, warm air furnace, wet curtain water pump and other equipment are managed by the environmental intelligent control system, so that temperature, humidity and air quality in pigsty can be kept in the most comfortable range.

lidian.pngStandardization: through the technology R&D of synchronous estrus and standardization of farming operation process, the pig industry can realize factory production.

Ecological harmony

lidian.pngTaking "cyclic utilization and environment friendly" as core ideology, New Hope Liuhe treats feces through the combination of planting and breeding, to realize zero pollution by making waste profitable. Solid manure is converted to organic fertilizer after the high-temperature aerobic fermentation and returned to the field. After reaching the farm irrigation standard through "UASB+2-level A/O" treatment, the wastewater is used for farm irrigation.

  • Source water conservation: intelligent water meter system: an intelligent water meter is installed in each pigsty to control the best water consumption.

  • Wastewater disposal: efficient environmental protection function processing: manure and water separation. After reaching the standard through anaerobic and aerobic biochemical treatment, the wastewater is used for irrigation or cyclic utilization to achieve zero pollution.

  • Resource utilization: resource utilization: in the organic fertilizer processing project, feces are converted to organic fertilizer after the high-temperature aerobic fermentation to create value by wastes.

  • Cyclic utilization: combination of planting and breeding: develop efficient ecological agriculture with a combination of planting and breeding, use feces for agricultural production, and adopt the green mode of internal recycling to achieve zero emission.

  • Hope farm

    lidian.pngNew Hope Liuhe shares industry values with farmers via the fostering mode of "company + hope farm".

    Intelligent pig feeding

    lidian.pngThe company uses mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, AI and cloud technology to promote the digitalized development of the pig industry.

    lidian.pngCloud Breeding: realize the informatization management of fostering mode, and achieve standardized, visual and controllable guidance for the key links of farmers' breeding process, to help farmers raise pigs.

    lidian.pngTreasure Pig: Internet big data technology helps to realize the direct connection between the farm and slaughter house without any intermediate links, to help farmers sell pigs well.