Persisting in the Strategy of "Talent First"

The mission of New Hope Liuhe is "profiting the farmers, benefiting the consumers." The cultivator includes the diligent strivers in the way of the company's transformation and development. The strivers are the most important capital of the company. 

Pay Attention to Cultivating Employees' Lifelong Employment Ability

lidian.pngAs the saying goes, "teaching people to fish is better than giving them fishes." New Hope Liuhe attaches importance to providing the employees with lifelong learning opportunities and lifelong employability, enabling the strivers to own competitive incomes and emphasizing that the goal of increasing the value of human capital takes precedence over the that of increasing the value of financial capital. The company respects personality, which means that it adapts to and embraces diverse values and behavioral patterns, supports and helps employees realize their potential, and trains and reserves talents for sustainable development.

  • Talent Is A Priority than Business; Training comes before talents.

    New Hope Liuhe highlights the talent management, and thinks the human resources as the company's first important resource. The development of human resources is a priority.

  • The Standard of "Benevolent Talent"

    Emphasize the morality, talent, ability, and struggle, which means that the morality is first, regard the morality + ability + value creator as "benevolent talent". "Benevolent talent" is the person who has others in mind, loves others and can create value and benefits.

  • Expertise and Teamwork

    Weaken power, strengthen ability, and do not do things aiming to people. Emphasize the team consciousness, build the harmonious team. Be kind to yourself and the others, and realize the harmonious development of New Hope Liuhe and the value chain.

  • Fully Empowered and Growing in Action

    New Hope Liuhe dares to provide a growth platform for the newcomers, emphasizing pressure for development, tempering their growth, training and selecting the talents in practice. It also emphasizes competency, performance, and unconstrained use of benevolent talents.

  • Simple and Positive

    It requires the New Hope Liuhe people to be positive, open, affectionate, and fraternal, do not do the things against the conscience, strengthen personal training, carry out self cultivation, find people's strengths, make them tolerant and give others help as much as possible.

  • Learning, Opening up and Developing

    New Hope Liuhe requires its people to maintain the tradition of review, keep a humble mindset, learn in work, work in learn, accept others with a happy mindset, integrate others and make the company and value chain partners grow together.

  • The Employment Mechanism for the Co-growth of Human Beings and Undertakings

    lidian.pngNew Hope Liuhe is willing to provide a stage for the talents. And only in the premise of continuous improvement of staff capacity and increasing teamwork, can we improve the overall capacity and performance of the enterprise. Only under the condition that the cause is promising with the continuous development, can the employees get more training opportunities and greater development.

    Three-Excellence Program and Diversified Channels of Personal Development

    lidian.pngNew Hope Liuhe provides diverse career paths for different talents. Provide the promotion opportunities for the staff who aspire to become the managers, and give the staff who aspire to become experts with the expert track of the functional grade, so that all kinds of talents can be able to give the talents the stage of talent and growth and development space.

  • Development Oriented at Professionalization, Specialization and Expert-style

    Help each person find their own core expertise, pay attention to the core expertise of staff training and development and make learning and training throughout the career of employees, so that the employees get the opportunity of lifelong learning, thus constantly improving the ability of employees.

  • All subordinate enterprises are required not to take the initiative to dismiss their employees.

    "There are only inappropriate positions, no unavailable staff", requiring the managers at all levels to create suitable jobs for each member.

  • Long-term Talent Development Strategy

    Through comparing and analyzing the future capacity needs of the organization and the existing capacity of the employees, a variety of training measures are taken to enhance the capacity of the employees. The business school of the company trains the staff full-time, helping the staff grow.

  • It also treats staff separations with an open mind.

    New Hope Liuhe is willing to provide a stage for outstanding talents, only in the premise of continuous improvement of staff capacity and increasing teamwork.