Entrepreneurship: Liu Yonghao, the first group of private enterprises in China, started from the breeding industry.


In 1998, Sichuan new hope Agriculture Co., Ltd. was listed


The first overseas factory officially put into operation


In 2005, new hope signed an agreement with Liuhe


Acquisition of Qianxihe group, the exclusive supplier of pork food for the 2008 Olympic Games


In January 2016, the company acquired 170 million shares of jiuya 20%


In 2017, new hope Liuhe became China's first private enterprise elected to the board of directors of the global food safety initiative (GFSI)


In 2018, the prime ministers of China and France witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the French Cooper arc Atlantic group. The two sides will work together to build China's leading complete pork industry chain


The establishment and application of pig disease resistance and nutrition technology system, led by Sichuan Agricultural University and mainly completed by new hope Liuhe, was awarded the second prize of national science and technology progress by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.



  • the second award of the Scientific and Technological Progress of the State

  • The best supply chain platform enterprise of supply chain finance in China

  • Influential brands in China's consumer market

  • Designated poultry supplier of the Qingdao summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

  • "Golden Ding Award" for social responsibility of Chinese food enterprises

  • China's best enterprise university

  • Outstanding industrial chain innovation award of Chinese Listed Companies

  • Outstanding case Award for targeted poverty alleviation of Listed Companies in China

  • Most socially responsible listed company award

  • Top 30 new catering retail service providers in 2018.

  • Chairman Liu Chang was elected deputy director of the Youth Entrepreneurs Committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce.

  • Top 30 private listed companies with social responsibility in China

  • New hope Liuhe officially enters MSCI list

  • The fourth place in the top 100 agricultural foreign cooperation enterprises of the year.

  • Board member, global food safety initiative (GFSI)

  • the second award of the Scientific and Technological Progress of the State

  • Liu Chang, chairman of the board of directors, won the nomination award of 2016 top ten economic year figures

  • Chairman Liu Chang won the most influential entrepreneur of Netease

  • Excellent innovation team of China Agricultural Science and technology award of Shennong

  • Annual targeted poverty alleviation and innovation cases of Listed Companies in China

  • China women and children Charity Award.

  • Top 100 brand values of Chinese Listed Companies

  • China public welfare enterprise of the year

  • Ten leading feed enterprises in China

  • Phoenix Award for Chinese enterprise management

  • 100 integrity demonstration units

  • The fourth advanced animal husbandry enterprise in China

  • China's top 100 listed companies

  • Golden COW foundation evergreen company of the year

  • The first brand index of agricultural listed companies in China

  • "AAA" credit rating of united credit rating Co., Ltd

  • Vice president of cfsi Council

  • Second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award

  • The best enterprise for talent development in China

  • Fortune Top 100 Chinese Enterprises

  • Best internal governance of listed companies

  • The most valuable brand enterprise with comprehensive strength

  • "Settlement" pig raising mode won the award of excellent innovation mode of China's animal husbandry industry

  • Special award for promoting the safety innovation of Chinese feed and animal products enterprises

  • 20 cases of national food safety management innovation

  • Liu Chang, chairman of the board of directors, was shortlisted in Forbes 2015 top 100 Chinese business women

  • Best industry marketing innovation enterprise award of the year.

  • Best transformation Pioneer Award

  • Enterprise award with the most customer value

  • China's best enterprise university of the year

  • Best management team listed company

  • The third advanced animal husbandry enterprise in China