Poultry Industry

Agricultural industry, as an important part of agriculture, is not only related to the prosperity of farmers, but also to the safety of consumers. Excellent breeds are the important basis for improving livestock and poultry production efficiency and reducing production costs.

Breeding poultry

lidian.pngFine varieties are the important foundation for raising livestock and poultry production efficiency and reducing production cost. For the purpose of ensuring the supply of excellent livestock and poultry varieties, and strengthening the breeding and popularization of fine varieties, we have built and jointly built the ancestral generation and the parent's generation farms for breeding hens and breeding ducks, and reached cooperation relations with Cherry Valley and Groupe Grimaud, to devote to breeding and popularizing excellent breeding poultry varieties.

lidian.pngAs a leading enterprise in the domestic white plumage meat duck industry, the company has always attached importance to the breeding of varieties with independent intellectual property rights. In 2018, "New Hope Lean Peking Duck" with complete intellectual property rights jointly breeded by the company and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has passed the reproductive performance measurement of the Ministry of Agriculture, and has obtained the variety certification application report from the Shandong Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau. "New Hope Lean Peking Duck" has strengths in high lean meat rate, high slaughter yield of primary products, high feeding efficiency, fast growth rate, good commodity generation benefit, and high value of industry chain.


lidian.pngAs an important part of agriculture, the farming industry is not only related to the prosperity of farmers, but also to the safety of consumers. New Hope Liuhe has raised the philosophy of "For the Profit of Farmers, For the Benefit of Customers". On the one hand, the company develops close cooperation with millions of farmers in an open industry chain mode. On the other hand, the company ensures the safety and controllability of the whole industry chain by means of strict order contract mode, whole process solution, market technical service and perfect quality inspection system.

lidian.pngIn the 21st century, the company follows the development trend of the industry and vigorously develops the modern farming mode. The modern farming mode is equipped with automatic stockline, waterline, fan, wet curtain, warm air furnace and other equipment to provide an excellent growth environment for poultry, which is the inevitable future trend of farming.