Root Culture

Run the company like an army, a school, and a family.


Profiting the farmers , benefiting the consumers.

"Farmers"  refers to all workers in the industrial chains, including farmers, partners, employees and shareholders. Profiting the farmers refers that we are committed to the value sharing of the entire industrial chain. Because of us, the farmers can obtain sustainable returns and development.

"Eaters"  means all consumers. Benefiting the consumers refers that we are committed to building a safe and healthy food industry chain to ensure that consumers can take safe, healthy, delicious and convenient food.


A world leader in agri-food industry

Core Values

Customer first, self-challenge, striver centered

  • Customer first.

    【1】Win cooperation, beyond short term gains

    【2】Gain insight into the root causes, not a smattering of knowledge

    【3】Respon d proactively, without delay or prevarication

  • Self-challenge.

    【1】Keep learning not stand still

    【2】Actively make breakthrough s, not flinch or conserve

    【3】Dare to admit mistakes, not admire vanity

  • Striver Centered.

    【1】Fare and just, not selfish or egoistic.

    【2】Self driven to take on responsibility, not be lazy or escape

    【3】Inclusive and co creation , not haggle over interests or give up easily