New hope Liuhe won the "best social responsibility Award" and became a member of China's ESG leadership organization

Date of release:2019-11-19 13:58:33

On November 28, 2019, the "new journey and new mission - Sina Jinqilin forum" hosted by Sina Finance and economics successfully ended in Beijing. In the afternoon of that day, sina finance ESG channel organized a sub Forum (ESG Summit) on "ESG investment for sustainable development", focusing on the development status of responsible investment, looking forward to the realization path of China's sustainable development goals, and building a platform for knowledge sharing, experience and mutual benefit for Industry leaders in the field of ESG.


At the forum, sina finance and economics held the first ESG "golden Responsibility Award" ceremony for Chinese enterprises. New hope Liuhe won the "best social (s) Responsibility Award" for its outstanding performance in social responsibility. Not long ago, new hope Liuhe also won the "2019 China interest company" and other awards.

As a well-known global agricultural and animal husbandry food industry chain company, new hope Liuhe pays attention to food safety and social welfare, and is committed to becoming a reliable force and the guardian of people's conscience table. In September this year, new hope Liuhe launched the "use of rebirth" back feeding natural action in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. This action is committed to transforming the cultivation wastes and pollutants into available resources such as organic fertilizer through the combination of planting and breeding mode, realizing the regeneration and reuse of resources, planting appropriate plants according to local conditions, promoting soil improvement by returning organic fertilizer to the field, returning nature to its original state and feeding nature.


In addition, new hope Liuhe actively responded to the call of the state for targeted poverty alleviation, "supported by various Poverty Alleviation Policies of the government, poverty alleviation through industry, education and technology will be implemented. New hope Liuhe launched 100000 new agricultural training nationwide, and last year trained more than 21000 farmers.

Finally, the summit also held the founding ceremony of China's ESG leaders' organization. New hope Liuhe, Bank of communications, BOE and other 24 outstanding enterprises joined the organization. The members of the organization will jointly practice the concept of ESG sustainable development and commit to becoming the leader leading the development and practice of ESG in the industry.

China's ESG leader organization is a business leader organization led and initiated by Sina Finance and economics,, and jointly established by enterprises with outstanding performance in China's ESG field. In this organization, the member companies will jointly promote the establishment of ESG evaluation standard system suitable for the characteristics of China's era, learn the best ESG practices of excellent industries and enterprises at home and abroad, jointly advocate and disseminate excellent ESG development cases, and combine the characteristics of China's era to establish the leadership of Chinese enterprises in the international market.