Deng Cheng, President of new hope Liuhe: to be the guardian of conscience table and guarantee the safety on the tip of the tongue

Date of release:2019-11-06 14:32:07

In November 6th, the Twelfth "along the way" ecological agriculture and food safety forum was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center during the second China International Import fair. The deputy director of the State Administration of market supervision, Gan Lin, Li Xiaolin, President of the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries, Assistant Minister of Commerce, Ren Hongbin of the Party group, and Peng Chenlei, vice mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's government, and so on. Export seat forum and address. Deng Cheng, President of new hope Liuhe, was invited to give a speech.

New hope Liuhe will actively undertake the mission of the enterprise, promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of international food safety, lead the upgrading of food safety management system in the new era, and act as the" guardian of conscience table. " President Deng Cheng said that as a leading and leading enterprise in China's agricultural and animal husbandry food industry, new hope Liuhe always adheres to and advocates the concept of "for the benefit of the farmers, for the benefit of the eaters", strictly controls every line of defense from the farmland to the dining table, and practically guarantees "safety on the tip of the tongue".

President Deng Cheng introduced new hope six and adhere to open cooperation to promote international food safety standards exchange and cooperation, and promote global value chain and supply chain more perfect; adhere to open sharing, share the experience of transformation and upgrading of aquaculture industry with the countries along the belt, lay a solid foundation for food safety; open innovation, strengthen international technology exchange and cooperation, and better let knowledge and Science and technology benefit mankind.

In the company's internal and supply chain system, new hope Liuhe introduced and promoted food safety management and system certification, such as China HACCP, BRC, global gap, fssc22000 certification and other excellent management systems, and systematically strengthened its own food safety management ability and supply chain food safety assurance ability.

Source control of aquaculture is the basis of ensuring food safety. New hope Liuhe continues to promote scale, standardization and integration at the breeding end, strengthen the ability of disease control and standardized breeding management, and vigorously improve the ability of food safety risk management and control. And introducing advanced domestic biosafety management system and modern pig raising mode to Vietnam and other countries along the way, so that China's wisdom will benefit more countries and people.

New hope Liuhe has actively established a series of cooperation agreements with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhongnong, Nannong and other scientific research institutes and universities, strengthened cooperation in production, teaching and research, and provided practical experience sharing for the whole industry. At the international level, we have participated in the cooperation between China and the UK, China EU Anti Japanese projects, and cooperated with advanced enterprises such as coprilicin, France, to explore Anti Japanese and non resistant breeding technologies, and to strengthen the sharing of innovative achievements.

The Twelfth "along the way" ecological agriculture and food safety forum was jointly sponsored by the State Administration of market supervision and administration, the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries, the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the international Codex Alimentarius Commission and the Silk Road Planning Research Center. The theme of the forum is "expanding food imports and enriching people's lives", aiming at strengthening international cooperation in agricultural products and food, promoting the healthy and orderly development of China's agricultural products and food industry, enabling Chinese and foreign people to share the development opportunities and achievements brought by trade cooperation, promoting the high quality development of the food and food industry, ensuring the health and safety of the people, and meeting the people of the "one belt along the way". People need a better life.